Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

While in Juvenile Hall, youth have the right to be safe and free from sexual harassment and assault from peers and staff. Sexual harassment and assault are against the law and we do not tolerate these actions.

Federal Law

The PREA is a federal law, Public Law 108-79, signed into law in September 2003. PREA establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of incarcerated persons of any age. 

This makes the prevention of sexual assault in Napa County Probation Department’s Juvenile Hall a top priority. PREA sets a standard that protects the Eighth Amendment right (constitutional right prohibiting cruel or unusual punishment) of federal, state, and local youth offenders. It also increases collection of nationwide data on sexual misconduct and sexual assaults on confined persons. It increases accountability for administrators who fail to prevent, reduce, and punish sexual misconduct and sexual assaults.

Employee Responsibilities & Juvenile Detainee Rights

PREA requires all Napa County Probation and Juvenile Hall employees who may have contact with youth detained in its facility to be trained of their responsibilities under the department’s PREA policy on how to prevent, detect, and respond to any knowledge, suspicion, or reported incidents of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment. Youth are also advised of their right to be free from sexual abuse or sexual harassment, how to report any knowledge or suspicion of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment in Juvenile Hall

Youth detained in a Napa County’s Probation Department’s Juvenile Facility can report PREA incidents by telling any staff member they trust, filing a grievance, or filling out a mental health or medical referral.