Fees & Payments

Payment Options

PBES accepts payment through our online payment portals or through our reception desk. All major credit cards are accepted, as well as debit cards and electronic check payments. Please note that a convenience fee of 2.32% is required by our payment processing vendor for card payments and will show as a separate charge on your credit card statement. To avoid the cost of the card processing convenience fee, you may pay online with an electronic check (eCheck).

Payment Options: credit card and eCheck

Please refer to the following tables to determine which online Payment Portal option to use for the services described to ensure your payment is properly applied. 

Payment Type(s):Online Payment Portal:
Building Permit Application FeesOnline Permit Center
Water Well Permit Application FeesOnline Permit Center

Customers can register for an Online Permit Center ("OPC") user account to pay fees, check the status of their permit application, and schedule inspections. Register for your OPC user account at: Online Permit Center. Detailed instructions are available for How To Register for an Online Permit Center User Account. (Note: for Building Applications not submitted directly through the OPC, our staff may need to "associate" your OPC User ID to the record for you to use these OPC features. If so, please email your OPC User ID and your Building Record number to [email protected]

Payment Type(s):Online Payment Portal:
Planning Application DepositsPayment Portal *
Engineering Application DepositsPayment Portal *
Digital Health System (DHD) Invoice Payments
(Food Facility, Pool Permit, Hazardous, Water, UST)
Payment Portal *

* Please note: you must have a valid record number or invoice number so that we can apply your payment properly. Launch our Payment Portal to get started and select your payment type from the drop down menu and following the steps to complete your payment.

If you are having trouble using the Payment Portal link, copy and paste this link in your web browser. https://heartlandpaymentservices.net/WebPayments/NapaPBES/bills

Current Fee Schedule

The current fees for Planning, Building and Environmental Services (PBES) are based on the Board of Supervisors' resolution that was passed on May 21, 2019, which became effective as of Sunday, July 21, 2019. Also, note that the General Plan Surcharge has increased to 3.3% of the permitting fees. Links to the latest PBES Fee Schedule are available below.