Organ Donations

Transplant Banks

This office works closely with local area transplant banks. A transplant bank may contact the decedent's next-of-kin regarding possible donations.

Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

The Coroner's Office supports the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, as specified in Chapter 3.5 of the Health and Safety Code. The Coroner's Office works closely with local eye and Tissue Donor Services for the recovery of organs and tissues involving Coroner cases. The Coroner's Office is fully aware of the importance of organ and tissue transplants and the need to balance these donor programs with the decedent's wishes, the desires of the next-of-kin, and the mandates of this office.

Division Process

Special attention is given to Coroner cases where homicide and suicide are known or suspected because of law enforcement involvement and the potential of subsequent litigation. In these cases, the Coroner's Office must ensure the circumstances, manner, and cause of death are determined prior to release of the deceased to donor organizations for organ and tissue recovery.