Pretrial Program

Pretrial Release

Those accused of crime(s) released from detention pending trial.

Establishment of Pretrial Services

Napa County has established a Pretrial Release program through the Napa County Probation department to help ensure equal, timely, and just administration of the laws governing pretrial release.

Purposes of Pretrial Services

Pretrial services perform functions that are critical to the effective operation of local criminal justice systems by assisting the court in making prompt, fair, and effective release / detention decisions, and by monitoring and supervising released defendants to minimize risks of non-appearance at court proceedings, risks to the public safety and to individual persons.

Pretrial Services Report

Pretrial services will compile reliable and objective information relevant to the court's determination concerning pretrial release or detention.

Monitoring & Supervision

If a defendant is not qualified for release on own recognizance, imposition of conditions of release will be considered. Pretrial services shall provide supervised release services that are the least restrictive release conditions necessary to assure the defendant's appearance in court, to protect the safety of the community, and to safeguard the integrity of the judicial process.

Access the Judicial Council of California's - Pretrial Assessment Instrument Validation