Community Corrections Services Center

The Community Corrections Service Center (CCSC) is a probation program, run by GEO, Inc., that is a one-stop shop for intensive supervision, treatment services and if necessary, the sanctioning of offenders.


The goals of the CCSC are to:

  • Decrease recidivism rate (offenders who go on to commit another crime)
  • Increase safety and security of Napa County by effectively treating offenders both in-custody and in the community
  • Increase numbers of inmates who successfully reintegrate into the community


The elements of the program are:

  • Deliver evidence based practices and programming designed to identify and treat the reasons people commit crimes
  • Tailor programming to meet each offender’s individual criminogenic needs (crime causing)
  • Increases the emphasis on mental health and substance abuse treatment for the adult offender population
  • Include a formal quality assurance and performance evaluation component to ensure that the program is having a positive impact on recidivism

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