Victim Services

Napa County contracts with GC Services to collect restitution from offenders as ordered by the Court. If you are a victim of a crime, you may be asked to provide a statement to a Deputy Probation Officer who is writing a report to the Court. Additionally, you will be asked to provide proof of any damages sustained.

It is important for victims to make sure the current address and contact information is provided throughout the process. You can contact the adult probation department at 707-253-4431 or the juvenile probation office at 707-253-4361. You can contact GC Services collections directly at 800-756-6524, Or visit their website

The Deputy Probation Officer will ask that you complete the following form related to your losses and turn it in prior to the juvenile's court date.

More Help

For additional help as a victim, please contact the Napa County Victim-Witness Division at 707-299-1414 or visit their website.