California Environmental Quality Act

The following local procedures for implementing the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") are adopted pursuant to this Act and Section 15022(a) of the State Guidelines (the "State CEQA Guidelines"). These local procedures (the "County CEQA Guidelines") supplement the State CEQA Guidelines (Title 14 California Code of Regulations Section 15000, et sequentes), as may be amended from time to time hereafter.


In Napa County, the State CEQA Guidelines must be used in conjunction with the County CEQA Guidelines in order to determine the local policies and procedures to be followed in implementing CEQA. Cross-references to relevant sections in the State CEQA Guidelines are provided in this document. In case of conflict, the provisions of the State CEQA Guidelines shall control.

Section 15022(a) requires that each public agency issue local procedures for implementing the State CEQA Guidelines in order to ensure the orderly evaluation and preparation of environmental documents. Such procedures shall be revised when needed to be kept current with changes to the State CEQA Guidelines; however, State CEQA Guidelines shall take precedence even if the local procedures are not updated.

The complete CEQA Guidelines (PDF) are available for review. Also, for your convenience, the Table of Contents is linked to sections in the text. Use Adobe Reader's arrow buttons and page numbers to navigate through the document. Do not use the documents page numbers as they are for printing purposes only.