Web Policies

General Disclaimer

Information presented on this website is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of the reader. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the County of Napa does not certify the authenticity of information that originates from third parties.

Under no circumstances shall the County of Napa be liable for any actions taken or omissions made from reliance on any information contained herein from whatever source nor shall the County be liable for any other consequences from any such reliance.

Privacy Policy

Napa County is dedicated to preserving your privacy and security while viewing our website.

We retrieve only the minimum amount of information from our visitors necessary in order to provide a host of various services and resources. This Web Privacy Policy page outlines practices and procedures affecting visitors to our site. The County of Napa reserves the right to change these policies and the corresponding information on this page at any time without prior notice. Personal information may be required by law or in order for us to provide a requested service.

We do not capture personal information without a visitor's permission.

Anonymous Visitor Information Collection

For every visitor to our site, there are several common pieces of information that we collect and store in logs. Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, the date and time of the visit, and the addresses to which a visitor linked during a visit to our website are all recorded. We cannot and do not associate any of this information with individual persons, distribute this information, or use it in any manner other than for statistical analysis in improving our site to better serve our visitors.


We do not use cookies to track customer information, unless you have a MyNapaCounty account and login. In some cases, our software may temporarily store information entered by the customer within an application, such as a parcel number in My Property. When the customer closes the browser, this temporary information is discarded.

Many browsers may react to this temporary data in the same manner as a cookie. If cookies are disabled on the browser, the application may not function properly. In order to ensure proper functionality of such applications, the browser must be allowed to accept cookies.

Disclosure of Information

The County of Napa does not sell, rent or publish any of our visitors' personal or private information. We do not reveal specific information about subscribers or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use, except if required to do so by the Freedom of Information Act or other law. In addition, we restrict employee access to any personal information except where necessary to perform required duties.

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized attempts to modify any information stored on this system, to defeat or circumvent security features, or to utilize this system for other than its intended purposes are prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution.

Accessibility Policy

The County of Napa recognizes its obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability civil rights laws to provide equal access to all County programs and activities.

More information about Web Accessibility.

Link Policy

The County of Napa website contains services and information resources provided for the use of and paid for by the citizens of the County of Napa, California. It is not a public forum. Links to other sites from this site are provided solely at the discretion of the County of Napa, and are provided as a convenience for users of this site. Generally, links to other sites should support the mission of the County of Napa.

Categories of Links

Links are provided to the following categories of external sites, and must meet the following criteria:

  • Other government entities, including local, state, and federal government sites, or sites operated by related agencies, including schools.
  • Sites operated by nonprofit (501(c)3) or not-for profit agencies with which the County has an established statutory, participate or supportive relationship, including established and properly accredited schools.
  • Sites operated by nonprofit, not-for-profit or for-profit agencies who provide community-based services including health care, child care, elder care or other social services.
  • Commercial sites that the County determines may be of interest to site visitors who live in the County, those that may be planning to visit the Napa Valley, or those who may be considering relocating to the area.

Where a Link May Appear

If you have a suggestion as to where on our site you think your link might fit, please let us know. Please note, however, the location of any link established within this site will be entirely at the discretion of the County of Napa.

Our Site on Your Site

The County of Napa does not require that reciprocal links be established on your site. However, we do appreciate reciprocal linking.

Request a Link

Links may be requested by contacting the Webmaster. The request should describe the services provided by the requesting site and contact information, along with the required URL.

The County reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to: 

  1. Deny a link that does not meet the criteria set forth in this policy
  2. Deny or discontinue an external link at any time if the website provides or promotes false, slanderous, illegal, infringing or incorrect information
  3. Deny or discontinue an external link at any time if a substantial purpose of the linked website is to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure
  4. Remove any external link if the nature of the organization to which the link relates no longer complies with the County’s external link policy 
  5.  Revise this policy without prior notice when the County considers such revision to be in its best interests

Event Calendar Policy

  • Please follow these guidelines when posting events to our calendar.
  • We accept local Napa Valley events only
  • Language must be clear, professional and accurate
  • Include a contact person and phone number for each event
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for an event posting to appear on the calendar
  • We reserve the right to reject any event for any reason without notice

Contact Us

If you have any questions specifically regarding your privacy on our site, please contact the Web team.