Court Appearances

Most criminal appearances are scheduled in the Criminal Courts Building located at 1111 Third Street in downtown Napa. They are usually scheduled in Department D or E, located on the second floor of the building. Family support matters (civil child support) are often scheduled in the Historic Courthouse located at 825 Brown Street in downtown Napa. These courts are virtually across the street from one another. If you are a juvenile, your hearing will be scheduled at the Juvenile Hall courtroom located at the juvenile probation facility at 212 Walnut Street in Napa. You can always call the Public Defender’s Office and the receptionist or your attorney can tell you where you should be.

All courts are concerned with security issues. Most have metal detectors and limitations on what you can bring into a courthouse. Even seemingly harmless items, such as food, beverages and nail clippers can result in confiscation or delays in entering the building. Cell phones must be turned off in all courtrooms.