Civil Subpoena Service

Service of Civil Subpoenas on Peace Officers & Civilian Employees

Pursuant to Duties Performed

Civil Witness Fee Deposit & Procedures 

(Government Code § 68097.1, 68097.2 and § 68096.1)


  1. A $40 service / file opening fee plus $275 deposit per employee, per day subpoenaed, for a total of $315 (Note, you may be responsible for the payment of additional funds should the Sheriff’s costs exceed the deposit).
  2. Mileage costs to and from the hearing location, and meal cost.
  3. The original subpoena plus two copies of the Subpoena
  4. A letter of instruction to the Sheriff office, signed by the attorney of record to open a file for deposit of monies for witness fees, and subpoena for the appearance of Sheriff's employee.

Special Considerations

The employee may be on his/her days off, on vacation, or unavailable during the time that you bring the subpoena for service. Generally the Sheriff's Office requires 5 days to serve the employee in time to appear for the court date. If the court date is less than 5 days from the time you bring the subpoena we may not have enough time to make the employee available for court appearances. It would be best if you submitted the subpoena to our office at least two weeks prior to the court date.

You can mail or bring the Subpoena and two copies, $315, plus mileage and meal cost to:
Napa Sheriff - Coroner Civil Division
1535 Airport Boulevard
Napa, CA 94558