Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule & Information

Restraining Orders

Restraining Order$40$50
Notice of Hearing (Denied Restraining Order)$40$50

Non-Writ Services

Summons & Complaints
Summons & Complaints UD
Summons & Complaints UD with prejudgment
Small Claims
Request for Order$40$50
Subpoena-Civil $40$50
Subpoena-Sheriff Personnel
Order for Examination$40$50
Cancellation/Not Found$40$50
Copy Fees (Per Single Sided Page)$1$1.25

Levies, Attachments, Possession

Bank Levy$40$50
Third Party Levy$40$50
Book Levy$40$50
Earnings Withholding Order$35$45
Till Tap$100$125

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Safe Deposit Box$400$435
Personal Property Levy Claim & Delivery$100$125
Writ of Attachment (Real Property)
Writ of Attachment (Bank Levy)
Writ of Possession-Real Property (Eviction)

Complex Levies

Real Property Levy-Writ of Attachment

Contact Office
Real Property Levy-Writ of Execution

Contact Office
Real Property Levy-Writ of Sale

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Vehicle Levy (Writ of Execution) 

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*Unless Sheriff's fees are waived by a court ordered fee waiver.

The Sheriff's Office is entitled to the fee(s) for service whether or not the service is successful. No refunds will be issued.  All services require at least one additional copy for the Sheriff Office's file.