Sheriff's Sales

General Auction Information

Sheriff’s sales are the means to satisfy a money judgment out of the personal or real property of the judgment debtor, to protect the value of perishable property under levy by converting it to cash, or to enforce a lien against property under foreclosure proceedings.

Prospective bidders should refer to California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §701.510 to 701.680 for provisions governing the terms, conditions and effect of the sale and the liability of defaulting bidders.

Date, Time, Location

The date, time and location of the Sheriff's sales will be stated on the Notice of Sale. The Notice of Sale will also contain a general description of the property to be sold. The Sheriff is selling only the right, title and interest of the judgment debtor(s) in the property. It is the responsibility of any potential buyer to conduct the appropriate research to determine what the debtor's interest is in the property being sold. Private firms, that conduct title searches for a fee, can be found in the yellow Pages to help provide a prospective buyer with full property information such as liens, unpaid taxes, and encumbrances. The Sheriff's Office makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the condition, value, or functionality of any item sold. Every item is sold as is.

Sale Notice

March 1st at 12:00pm at 1535 Airport Blvd. Napa, Ca 94558, view full public sale notice (PDF)

Sheriff Sale Terms

Sale Terms (PDF)


Sheriff's sales are made at public sale to the highest bidder for cash in lawful money of the United States. The purchaser at a sale shall pay in cash, certified check or cashier’s check, made out to the Napa County Sheriff's Office. Bidders must have the cash, certified check or cashier's check with them at the time of the sale to cover the full amount of their bid or the amount of the deposit required for a credit bid pursuant to CCP §701.590.

If the highest bid for an item, group, or lot of property sold exceeds $2500, the highest bidder may elect to treat the sale as a credit transaction. The credit purchaser must deposit at least $2500 or 10% of the amount bid, whichever is greater. Within ten days after the sale, the purchaser must pay the balance due plus costs accruing with regard to the property sold (storage etc.) and interest accruing at the rate on money judgments on the balance of the amount bid from the date of sale until the date of payment.

A credit purchaser is not entitled to possession of the property sold until the amount bid, plus accruing costs and interest, has been paid. The credit bid deposit is forfeited if the balance due, plus costs and interest, is not paid within 10 day after the date of the sale.

Contact Us

It is recommended that you call the Sheriff's Civil Process Unit the day prior to the sale to confirm that the sale has not been cancelled or postponed.