Building Plan Review 

Plan Review is required in order to demonstrate compliance of drawings and specifications with current code and design criteria. The following provides an outline of the Building Division’s Plan Review Process: 

Required Documents & Fees Collected

  • After applicant submits a complete building permit application with all required document files (Plan Set and Supplemental documents), and submittal has been accepted, plan review fees are assessed and collected based on the project scope and size, as follows:
    • For Standard/Quick permits we will require the payment of the estimated Plan Review fees prior to starting the review process. Additional fees are collected once the review process is completed. 
    • For Express permits we will complete the review process first, and all payments are collected prior to permit issuance.  

Routing and Review Process

  • The Building Division will route your plans to any division/agency which requires a review for the project.  
  • Plan reviewers from each applicable division/agency will complete their review, and if necessary, apply review comments (red marks) to the plan sets. Once all divisions have completed their review, the building division will create a Resubmittal Requested/Unified Review Letter. 
  • You (the applicant) will receive an email regarding retrieval of the Unified Review Letter. The record status will be in 'Review to Applicant'.
    • You (the applicant) and your plan preparer will need to take action to address the comments on the letter. The reviewer’s contact information is available if you need to clarify the request for an individual comment. Note: You or your plan preparer should carefully address each identified plan deficiency and be sure the corrected plans reflect all necessary changes. Failure to do so will result in delays in the permit process.
    • Upon completion of addressing those comments, applicants can upload the adjusted plan sets and/or supplemental documents and a comment response letter. A comment response letter will need to  include a separate file providing details of how the comment was addressed.  
  • Once the applicant has uploaded the next cycle of documents, the record status will be 'Pending Documents' to inform the Building Division to re-route the updated documents for review. 
  • This process will repeat until all comments have been addressed. 

Approved/Ready to Issue

  • Once all divisions have given plan review approval, additional fees will be required prior to permit issuance, based on the project scope and size. Record status is moved to 'Ready to Issue' and applicant will receive an email with the balance due and payment instructions through the Online Permit Center. 

Permit Issued

  • Once payment is received, the permit will be 'Issued' and applicant will be notified via email with printing instructions. The issued Building Permit must be posted on the job site. The Approved Plans and your Inspection Card must be kept at the job site at all times until the project is completed. View the Building & Construction Inspection site for inspection information.