Conservation Division

The Conservation Group handles matters related to erosion control plans, agricultural preserve (Williamson Act) contracts, and mining inspections/permits, as well as completes California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reviews for Capital Improvement Projects and serves as a resource to other departments and the public for guidance on tree removal, streams, fire impacts and recovery, and related topics. Conservation also provides staff support for the Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Erosion Control Plans

The Napa County Conservation Regulations (Napa County Code 18.108) require evaluation of agricultural/vineyard or development plans on slopes over 5% through the review of an Agricultural Erosion Control Plan. The review includes an evaluation of conformance with the Conservation Regulations and the CEQA.

Williamson Act Agricultural Contracts

The Williamson Act created the state program enabling the County to enter into contracts with landowners to voluntarily restrict parcel use to agricultural in return for preferential property tax assessments. For more information about this program, see the Williamson Act Brochure (PDF) and Williamson Act Application (PDF). If you have questions please email Don Barrella or call him at 707-299-1338.

Mine & Quarry Oversight

Napa County conducts annual inspections and review of reclamation plans and security assurances. If you'd like to learn more about this program email Don Barrella or call him at 707-299-1338.

Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-application meetings are an opportunity to meet with staff from all Divisions and receive valuable feedback on more complex projects involving a Use Permit/Major Modification or other Use Permit related application, such as winery uses or development projects. In particular, staff can identify the type of application and related permits that may be necessary, permit processing steps and timelines, and pertinent information and technical studies that will be required to submit a complete application. Fees will be charged for the pre-application meeting service. 

Note: For guidance and application requirements for residential building construction projects, such as new residential building permits, additions, modifications, etc., please use this link to visit our Building Division web page.

To schedule a pre-application meeting, please follow the steps (below) to use our online system (due to COVID social distancing protocols, appointments are currently limited to virtual meetings via Zoom). 

  1. From the PBES Online Permit Center Site you can register for an account through the Online Permit Center. Once your user account has been created, you can login and get started.
  2. Under the heading for Planning, click “Schedule Meeting” and follow the system prompts to enter information for the property, owner, contact, project details, upload project documents, and pay fees.
  3. Once completed, click the “Schedule Date/Time” button and follow the prompts to select a date/time, and confirm the contact information and appointment time.
  4. Once you have finished and successfully scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. If you need assistance, please call (707) 253-4417 during business hours. 

For more detailed step by step instructions with screen shots, please refer to the following user guides: How To Apply For a Pre-Application Meeting in OPC and How To Register for an Online Permit Center User Account.