Green Energy Permits

Solar Panels

As the most popular Green improvement in Napa County, solar panel installations are a good long-term option for controlling your energy costs. A building permit is required for all new solar panel installations. In Napa, we distinguish between Roof and Ground Mounted systems. Permit fees are currently subsidized by the Building Division to help keep your costs low. Applications for ground systems will require the approval of multiple departments, and as such will have a slightly higher cost than roof-mounted systems.

You can use our Solar Installation Checklist (PDF) to see what documents to submit with your application. As with any construction project, check the California State License Board to be sure your contractor is licensed and properly insured. 

EV Charging Point SignElectric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

We expect to see a larger number of electric vehicles hit our streets in 2015. If you’re planning on purchasing one, you may want to consider installing a charging station on your property. Before you buy a charging station, you’ll need to confirm that your current electrical system is adequate. Napa allows Type I and II charging systems in residential situations. We strongly recommend you hire a licensed electrician to evaluate your home’s electrical system and install the charger. If you need to upgrade your electrical service to power the unit, be sure to include this information in your permit application. You will also need to contact PG&E and comply with any requirements they may have. All commercial installations must be done by a licensed professional.

Residential EV charging stations qualify as express permits, and as such can be completed within 10 to 12 working days. You can apply for residential systems using our Express permitting process

Wind TurbineWind Energy Systems

Whoosh! If your property is blessed with a gentle breeze, you might want to consider installing a wind energy system to help with your electrical needs. In 2011, Napa County adopted Ordinance 1351 permitting the installation of small wind energy systems in the county. In order to install a Wind Energy System, you will need both a Building Permit and a Planning Permit. Both wind generators and wind energy systems require permits. Building Permit requirements are the same as for solar systems. Your Planning application will be reviewed and processed within 10 to 12 business days. The Building application processing time for this type of project will take approximately 28 days for initial review.

Don’t get confused! Wind energy systems use wind to create energy. Wind generators, which are the large fans you see in vineyards, use energy to generate wind.