Older Adult Mental Health

Mental Health Case Management for Older Adults

Mental Health Case Management for Older Adults provides treatment and consultation to individuals 60 years of age and older who suffer from mental illness. For those enrolled in the program, we provide assessment, counseling, placement, Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) conservatorship monitoring and linkage to community services.

We assess the individual’s problems and needs and collaborate with them, along with their supporters, on the development of a wellness and recovery plan. We then set out with them to accomplish the objectives of this plan. The plan is revised based on needs that arise.

Services may include

  • Case management
  • Family support or collateral services
  • Individual and group counseling
  • LPS conservatorship and monitoring
  • Linkage to resources and supports
  • Medication monitoring
  • Mental health rehabilitation services
  • Placement
  • Referrals to other relevant resources including community-based organizations
  • Assessments

Older Adult Full Service Partnership

The Older Adult Full Service Partnership Program is designed to support chronically mentally ill, underserved, at-risk adults age 60 years and older.

Services may include

  • Connection to counseling and support groups
  • Referrals to family support groups
  • Socialization programs
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Transitional housing support
  • Wellness and recovery plans
  • Housing and employment placement support


Napa County residents age 60 and older with a chronic mental illness which interferes with daily living. The Older Adult Full Service Partnership prioritizes services to Latino seniors and other un-served / underserved populations as well as those at risk of out of home placement, institutionalization or homelessness.


Make an appointment for a mental health evaluation by contacting Napa ACCESS at 707-259-8151. If this is an emergency, please contact Napa Emergency Response at 707-253-4711 or call 911.