Public Conservator

Public Conservator - Guardian

The Public Guardian / Conservator provides conservatorship services for individuals who are unable to provide for their own basic food, clothing, and shelter needs. We also offer services to those that are unable to manage their personal financial affairs or are susceptible to fraud or undue influence. A Public Guardian / Conservator may be appointed when there is no other trusted person available to act as conservator.

Get Help for Someone in Need

A request for a conservatorship can be initiated by Adult Protective Services or by a third party (friend, family member, physician, banker, and / or law enforcement, etc.). Probate Conservatorships can be established for the person and/or the estate.

An independent investigation is conducted to determine if conservatorship is necessary or if there are appropriate alternative services available. It is helpful if the proposed conservatee's physician is willing to provide a signed statement that the individual is in need of conservator or guardian services.

Public Administrator

The Public Administrator is court appointed to manage and dispose of a decedent’s estate when no other appropriate administrator is willing or able to act.