Committees and Commissions


  • First Five, Napa County (Children and Families Commission), Member
  • Napa Child Care Planning Council, Member
  • Napa County Correctional Partnership, Executive Committee, Member
  • Upper Valley Waste Management Agency, (Alternate)
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), Member


Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Board of Directors, Member
The BAAQMD is responsible for the regulation of air pollution and maintaining air quality for the nine bay area counties. 

California State Association of Counties (CSAC), Board of Directors (Alternate)

The primary purpose of CSAC is to represent county government before the California Legislature, administrative agencies and the federal government. CSAC places a strong emphasis on educating the public about the value and need for county programs and services.

County Medical Services Program, Governing Board, Member
The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) provides limited-term health coverage for uninsured low-income, indigent adults that are not otherwise eligible for other publicly funded health programs. It is designed to assist counties in meeting their indigent health care responsibilities under state law. Thirty-five, primarily rural California counties participate in CMSP.

Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), Alternate
Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), is a California Joint Powers Authority and a duly constituted public entity and agency, the mission of which is to provide affordable housing and contribute to the social and economic well-being of California residents.

Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), Alternate
Founded in 1972, RCRC works with its membership to advocate on behalf of rural issues at the state and federal levels. RCRC provides the rural county perspective on a myriad of issues during the legislative and regulatory process, including land use, water and natural resources, housing, transportation, wildfire protection policies, and health and human services.

Marin Clean Energy, Member

MCE is Napa County's new energy provider. MCE is a Community Choice Aggregate, an alternative to a private investor owned utility company like PG&E, that is publicly owned, uses more renewable energy, and provides more options for customers

North Bay Water Reuse Authority (NBWRA), Alternate
Ten local agencies in the North San Pablo Bay region have formed the North Bay Water Reuse Authority (NBWRA) to put recycled water to its broadest and most beneficial use. The Board oversees the North Bay Water Reuse Program which aims to offset urban and agricultural demands on potable water supplies, enhance local and regional ecosystems, improve local and regional water supply reliability, among other things. 

Northern California Counties Tribal Matters Consortium, Alternate
Ad Hoc group formed to collaborate on issues regarding Las Vegas style Indian Casinos. 

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Member

BCDC is a California state planning and regulatory agency with regional authority over the San Francisco Bay, the Bay’s shoreline band, and the Suisun Marsh. Its mission is to protect and enhance San Francisco Bay and to encourage the Bay’s responsible and productive use for this and future generations.

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, Member
Workforce Alliance of the North Bay leverages regional funding and aligns partners in the North Bay to ensure a skilled workforce today and in the future. Our network of career centers, employment and training initiatives, and programs result in a regional talent pool that drives economic growth for businesses and social mobility for workers and career seekers in the North Bay.