Veterans Reference Library

2017 Guide to Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents & Survivors

Published by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), 2018 Federal Benefits booklet details the many benefit programs available to veterans and their dependents.

California Veterans Benefits

Details of the many benefits available to veterans living in California. View the California Veterans Resource Book (PDF).

Burial Benefits Kit

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers this survivors and burial benefits kit as a source of pre-need planning information and record storage for Veterans and their families. This kit is intended to be used as a supplement to the Summary of VA Dependents’ and Survivors’ Benefits pamphlet. View the Burial Benefits Kit (PDF)

Veteran's Home Info

Detailed information about the three Veterans Homes in California, located in Yountville, Barstow and Chula Vista.

VA Long Term Care

VA Fact Sheet covers the many long-term care programs offered by the Veterans Health Administration, including qualifying criteria. Visit the VA Long Term Care website.

Winning at Job Fairs

The Job Fair Techniques article (PDF) discusses techniques and tips for preparing and attending job fairs, as well as how to best follow up once the event is concluded. Reprinted with permission from the Wall Street Journal.

“Why Hire A Veteran?”

Geared toward employers, this flyer lists many of the great qualities typically shared by veterans. View the Job Fair Techniques article (PDF).

Burial Flag

Memorial flags are provided to honor deceased Veterans who served honorably in the U.S Armed Forces. Visit the Burial Fact Sheet (PDF).

Funeral & Burial Benefits

These allowances are flat-rate monetary benefits that are generally paid at the maximum amount authorized by law for an eligible Veteran’s burial and funeral costs. View the Funeral and Burial Fact Sheet (PDF).

Death Pension

A monetary benefit that may be paid based on financial need to the surviving spouse and dependent children of a veteran who served at least one day during a time of war. View the Death Pension Fact Sheet (PDF).

Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

A monetary benefit that may be paid to a surviving spouse and dependent children if the death of a veteran can be shown to be connected to the veteran’s military service. View DIC Fact Sheet (PDF).

Home Loan Guarantee

The VA offers a home loan guarantee to veterans and eligible survivors. While the VA does not actually loan the money, their guarantee will often result in lower interest rates. Read the Home Loan Brochure (PDF).

Veteran's Wartime Pension

A monetary benefit that may be paid based on financial need to a veteran who served at least one day during a period of war. View the Wartime Pension Fact Sheet (PDF).

Presumptive Conditions

The VA can grant “service connection” for certain conditions, resulting potentially in compensation, treatment and other benefits. This fact sheet covers Agent Orange exposure, radiation exposure, former prisoners-of-war and Gulf War veterans. View the Presumptive Fact Sheet (PDF).

Healthy Families Guidelines

Research has shown that people diagnosed with serious mental illness often have fewer or less severe symptoms of mental illness and have lower rates of relapse and hospitalization when they live in a healthy and positive home environment.  View the Healthy Families Guidelines (PDF).

Military Sexual Trauma

Independent research indicates 60.0% of women and 27.2% of men had experienced repeated or severe sexual harassment at some point during their military service, and sexual assault was reported by 13.1% of women and 1.6% of men. View the Military Sexual Trauma Fact Sheet (PDF).

Automobile & Special Adaptive Equipment

Veterans with certain disabilities may qualify for a grant to purchase or adapt a vehicle to meet their needs. View the Automobile Grant Information (PDF).

Education Benefits

An explanation of the various education programs that are currently available to veterans and dependents. Read the Educational Benefits Fact Sheet (PDF).

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Veterans with a service-connected disability that impacts their current occupation may be eligible for specialized training. Learn more about Vocational Rehabilitation Fact Sheet (PDF).

Benefits for the National Guard & Reserves

Members of the National Guard or Reserves may qualify for a wide range of benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). View the Fact Sheet about National Guard and Reserves (PDF).

Benefits for Disabled Veterans

A summary of benefits to which a disabled veteran may qualify. Read more about Disabled Veteran Benefits (PDF).

Life Insurance Benefits

A summary of insurance policies that may be available to veterans. Learn more about Life Insurance Benefits (PDF).

Summary of VA Benefits

This covers the major benefits that may be available to veterans and their dependents and survivors. View the Summary of Veterans Affairs Benefits (PDF).

Benefits for Surviving Spouses & Dependents

A short guide to the benefits available to a surviving spouse and dependents. Read the Benefits for Surviving Spouses and Dependents Brochure (PDF).