Caregiver Registration

Napa County is one of only two counties in California that requires independent caregivers or home care aides to be background checked and registered through the State.

Registration means the independent caregiver or home care aide has passed a DOJ and FBI background check and has verified that they are free of active tuberculosis.  Anyone can access the State’s Home Care Aide Registry database to check an independent home care aide’s status.  For more information: Home Care Aide Application Process

Safe & Secure in Your Own Home

More than a million Americans aged 65 and older are injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated each year by people they depend on for care or protection. The Napa County Commission on Aging, CSOA and the district attorney’s office works to keep elders and dependent adults safe and secure when they hire home care aides to help them with daily living activities in their own home. Ensure that the home care aide you hire is registered through the State’s Home Care Aide Registry.  Click here to search for registered home care aides.  

Tips for Hiring Caregivers

  • Call references and call past employers.
  • Ensure that the caregiver you are hiring is currently registered on the Home Care Aide Registry.
  • Ask around to see if anyone knows the person.
  • Ask a trusted friend or family member to help you interview prospective caregivers.
  • Ask about the specific experience working as a caregiver.
  • If assistance is needed with bill paying, consider hiring an accounting firm.
  • Once you’ve hired someone, don’t be shy about firing them if you feel uncomfortable, your lifestyle has changed considerably, if you suspect they are taking advantage of you, or if they are asking about things that are none of their business.
  • Don’t allow them to use your debit or credit cards or to have access to any of your financial information.

Take Care!

If you think someone has taken advantage of you or has abused you in some way, contact your local law enforcement agency (listed below) and make a report. Your report may help identify other victims and may help prevent someone else from becoming victimized. If you need assistance making a police report or you are not sure if you’ve been victimized, please contact Napa County Adult Protective Services at 707-253-4398.

  • Adult Protective Services Phone: 707-253-4398 or 1-888-619-6913
  • American Canyon Police Phone: 707-648-2658
  • Calistoga Police Phone: 707-942-2810
  • Napa Police Phone: 707-257-9223
  • St. Helena Police Phone: 707-967-2850
  • Napa Sheriff’s Office Phone: 707-253-4451