FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area Information

Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) as land areas facing a 1.0-percent (100-year flood) or 0.2-percent (500-year flood) chance of flooding each year. All private development within the 100-year flood zone is regulated by the Engineering Division with the goal of ensuring the protection of life and property for those who are situated in these areas. 

Community Rating System (CRS)

The County of Napa Engineering Services division is the floodplain management agency for Napa County and has opted to participate in FEMA’s CRS. Participating in this program allows the County of Napa to earn discounted flood insurance rates for all community members. By following the guidelines set forth by FEMA, the County of Napa earns a CRS credit. As the community earns a higher CRS credit, the community is eligible for greater flood insurance discounts. Napa County's current CRS is 7. 

As part of the CRS the County prepares an annual progress report on our Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) objective to promote a flood safer community, a copy this report is available here:

By working together, we all strive towards educating ourselves and helping the community. Please find more information on how you can participate in Napa Flood and Water Resources.

Elevation Certificates

Note: The County of Napa Engineering Services Division keeps Elevation Certificates on file. Non-classified information is available upon request

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