Issues and Projects

  1. Housing
  2. Community Benefits
  3. Traffic and Transportation

Housing Overview

I have continuously supported various programs and initiatives that aim to address the current housing crisis that our County is facing. While a complex issue, I am certain that through advocacy, legislation, and persistence we will make positive progress towards a better state of housing in our community. The County with its City partners will work towards practical solutions for increasing housing opportunities, while keeping Napa County’s unique voter-protected agricultural preserve in mind. This section on Housing focuses on various efforts and projects I have been involved with since I have been in office.

TOT Increase & Measure I

This is a 1% TOT increase approved by voters in 2018, which will generate $1.2M in new money annually in the County and $5M annually countywide. This money is dedicated to funding new housing and other local housing programs.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

Launched in June of 2018 as a pilot program, this new program allows homeowners to receive financial assistance in the form of a forgivable loan up to $40,000 to convert an unused bedroom into a separate rentable unit. This program not only results in more affordable housing, but it also provides the opportunity of financial freedom for struggling homeowners as well.

Worker Proximity Down Payment Assistance Program

This long-standing program seeks to help our workers buy a home close to where they work. This program provides down payment assistance for Napa County workers to purchase a home within a 20-mile radius of their workplace. For perspective, a previous report shows that between January 2014 and December 2018 this program led to 57,100 commute miles saved per year and $38.4M in homes purchased! The Board has shown a commitment to this program by continually funding it when the wait list gets too long.

New Housing Projects Funded by the County

Since I have been in office, the County has contributed $12+ million towards housing, resulting in hundreds of new housing units. The following is a list of various projects that are either completed or in the pipeline:


  • Valley View – 69 units in American Canyon 
  • Turley Flats – 8 units in St. Helena 
  • Habitat for Humanity – 1 unit in Napa 
  • Stoddard West – 49 units in Napa 
  • Napa Courtyards – 20 units in Napa 
  • Redwood Grove – 34 units in Napa 
  • Manzanita Apartments – 50 units in Napa

In the Pipeline

  • Heritage House – 66 units in Napa
  • Valle Verde – 24 units in Napa
  • Napa Pipe - 140 units in Napa