The Voter's Choice Act

The California Voter's Choice Act is coming to Napa County!  The Voter's Choice Act was passed in 2016 to make voting easier and more convenient.  With Napa County at over 90% Vote-By-Mail, participating in the Voter's Choice Act was a logical choice. 

How does the Voter's Choice Act work?

  • All voters are mailed a ballot 29 days before the election
  • Voters can return their ballot 1 of 3 ways:
    • By Mail
    • In a Ballot Drop Box
    • At a Vote Center

What is a Vote Center?

  • A Vote Center is a mini elections office. At a Vote Center, you can:
    • Cast a ballot
    • Use an accessible voting machine
    • Request a replacement ballot
    • Register/Re-register to vote
    • Cast a Conditional Provisional Ballot
    • Drop off a voted ballot
    • Receive assistance in another language
  • Two Vote Centers will open 11 days before Election Day
  • An additional six Vote Centers will open 4 days before Election Day
  • All Vote Centers will be open on Election Day from 7am to 8pm

Ballot Drop Boxes

  • In addition to returning a ballot by mail, voters will now have the option to drop their ballot in a secure ballot drop box
  • 7 Ballot Drop Boxes will be located throughout the county 28 days before the election
  • The Drive Thru Ballot Drop Box will be open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • We will still have drive thru ballot collectors at 4 vote centers the day before the Election and on Election Day