County Executive Office

From the shores of Lake Berryessa and the peak of Mount Saint Helena to the Calistoga natural springs and the sprawling vineyards, Napa County is a rural, scenic and historically-rich community, becoming one of California’s first counties when it achieved statehood in 1850. Home to the Napa Valley Film Festival and the wine auction at Meadowood, Napa County offers many activities to its residents and visitors including fine dining, hiking, kayaking and wine tasting, among many others. We take pride in our agricultural surroundings and created the country’s first agricultural preserve to protect the environment.

The Role of CEO

The County Executive Officer is the County’s chief administrative officer, responsible to the Board of Supervisors for overseeing the day-to-day management and coordination of County operations. In addition to recommending the appointment of and supervising 10 non-elected department heads, the County Executive Officer is responsible for: 

  • Providing impartial analysis and making recommendations to the Board on all policy, fiscal and administrative matters
  • Ensuring that Board policies and direction are fully implemented
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of County programs
  • Preparing and recommending the County’s annual budget to the Board
  • Administering the County’s approved budget and conducting long-range financial planning
  • Overseeing the County’s state/federal legislative advocacy and internal and external communication activities
  • Managing the County’s risk and emergency services efforts
  • Providing for the effective administration of the County’s personnel, information technology and purchasing systems
  1. Popular Services
  2. Budget
  3. County Divisions
  4. News

Transparency & Disclosure

Napa County staff members are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is accessible and transparent to our residents. The information provided refers primarily to Countywide disclosure and transparency activities or submittals that are required by law. For documents pertaining to a particular Department or program, please visit their web pages.