Encroachment Permits

What is an encroachment?

An encroachment is the act of accessing County property for a variety of purposes and uses. The most common encroachment permits issued in Napa County are for installation of driveways and to allow access to utilities.

Why do I need an encroachment permit?

By State law you must obtain an encroachment permit to make any encroachment along or on any County road. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that all work or use in the County road right-of-way is done safely, complies with Napa County Road and Street Standards, and is compatible with public transportation uses. When the Napa County Planning Building and Environmental Services Department reviews building permit applications, part of the review includes impact of the construction on County road right-of-way. When the project impacts County road right-of-way, the project is referred to the Public Works Department for encroachment review and inspection.

What activities require an encroachment permit?

Activities include installation of driveways, curb and gutter, trenching for utility pipelines, cable, conduit, water and sewer lines, landscaping work including fencing, weed and tree removal, planting in the right-of-way, construction access or any other activities that require access to or work within the county road right of way. Permission to access County property for any of these activities is obtained by application of an encroachment permit.

Applying for an encroachment permit

Encroachment permits are issued by the Public Works Department/Roads  Division.  Applicants requesting a permit must file a completed application (PDF) with the Public Works Department at 1195 Third Street, Room 101, Napa, CA  94559.  Instructions for filling out the application form are on the form and general conditions that must be adhered to are attached.  Additional conditions for each permit will be attached to the copy given to the applicant. 

Call before you dig

Applicants are required to obtain an underground service alert tag number that must be referenced on their application for an encroachment permit.  Please call 811 for a tag number or visit the Underground Services Alert webpage for additional information or to obtain a service alert tag number online. Please note that applicants and contractors are required to contact the Roads Inspector 72 hours in advance of construction and review the USA requirements; the inspector confirms USA has been contacted.

Processing and Fees

Please note the applicant may be required to supply additional information regarding the nature, location, and duration of the encroachment. Applicants may be required to provide detailed plans or diagrams of the proposed encroachment. Further, if the existing surface of the road is to be disturbed by the project, the applicant shall restore the County road to the same condition as existed prior to the work within the time-frame specified by the permit. All work is to be performed at the applicant's expense. Applications meeting all required standards will be approved by signature of the Napa County Roads Superintendent or their designee.

Encroachment Fees

$ 465.88 Standard Encroachment

$ 465.88 Utility Encroachment

Road Improvements and/or Trenching of 25 feet or more will require a Deposit of $3000.00. You will be notified by the Roads Department or County Traffic Engineer if your project requires a deposit.