Air Quality in Napa County

Air Quality Impacts

For the latest air quality reports, please visit AirNow to enter a Napa County location, or the AirNow Fire and Smoke Map for an interactive view of the region’s air quality.

In general, if you smell or see smoke, protect your health by following the measures listed below. Children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, lung disease and heart disease are most at risk for harmful impacts and are considered sensitive groups. The most important protective action is to remain indoors. 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District advises that Purple Air Monitors are low-cost air monitoring sensors that can produce readings that are 2-3 times higher than regulatory monitors, which undergo routine EPA calibrations and accuracy/precision checks. These low-cost monitors can be misrepresentative of particulate matter in situations like the wildfire smoke, and very high readings should be interpreted with caution.

Bay Area Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Resources

How We Measure Air Quality

One of the most common ways to measure air quality is by measuring particulate matter, or PM. PM refers to fine particles in the air that are harmful to health.