Napa County Corporate Yard Asphalt Resurfacing

PW 17-24


  • Status: Evaluation/Review
  • Contact: Ginny Leija
  • Publish Date: January 9, 2018

Project Scope

The project is located at Napa County Corporate Yard, 3075 California Blvd., Napa, CA. Work generally consist of, but is not limited to, all labor and materials for the completion of asphalt resurfacing listed in the description of work.


Contractor shall possess a Class A license at the time of contract award. The Engineer's estimate is $125,000.  The Project is currently under Evaluation/Review.


Contractor Location Total Bid
G.D. Nielson Napa, CA $124,107.00
Vila Construction Co. Richmond, CA $152,677.00
HM Construction Hercules, CA $159,950.00