Grant Funding - Current Projects

2020-2021 Wildlife Conservation Commission Grant Cycle

International Bird Rescue (IBR), $4,500

Resolving negative human-wildlife interactions in Napa County, IBR was able to offset material costs nutrition, medicine, and veterinary supply costs for birds admitted from within Napa County to their San Francisco Bay Delta Wildlife Center in Fairfield between November 17, 2020 and May 20, 2021. In CY2020, the Center served 1,772 birds representing 90 different species, including the most challenging cases that are beyond the capacity or skills of other regional wildlife centers and clinics. During the period support by the grant, IBR rescued and rehabilitated 27 wild birds representing 10 species of native birds from Napa County, and rescued from areas included the cities of Napa, Calistoga and American Canyon. 

Institute for Conservation Advocacy Research and Education (ICARE), $4,500

ICARE’s mission is to protect, restore, advocate and conserve native plants, animals and fish habitats within our region for the public good. Their work in the Napa River watershed includes collaborative work in long-term water quality and biological assessments of aquatic insects in the streams, known as benthic macro-invertebrates (BMI), which are reliable indicators of a stream’s health. The grant award from the Commission supported the funding of two trained field teams that collected water quality, algae and BMI samples in approximately 16 streams or locations within the Napa River watershed.

Land Trust of Napa County, $6,500

The Missimer Snell Valley Preserve contains a serpentine meadow that has an incredibly rich diversity of native plant species. Of the 222 native species that have been documented on the Preserve, 11 are considered special status species, with several of these only found on serpentine soils with very limited distribution in this region. Additionally, Butts Creek, which runs through the Preserve, is valuable habitat for two California State Species of Special Concern: the western pond turtle and foothill yellow-legged frog. The funds from the Commission supported material costs for educational signage describing the ecological importance of the site, including four interpretive panels and posts along with one Preserve entry sign.

Napa Wildlife Rescue, $8,169

Established in 1991, Napa Wildlife Rescue is the only organization in Napa County that is permitted to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back to the Napa wild, operating under permits from the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In 2020, Napa Wildlife Rescue moved its Wildlife Clinic to a new 2-acre property at 4001 Middle Avenue in the Carneros Region, near Cuttings Wharf Road and adjacent to Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, increasing primary care space from 960 square-feet to 2824 square-feet. The grant from the Commission supported the work to convert a former residence space into a permanent wildlife hospital with standalone structures, cages, pens, aviaries by providing funds for material costs of perimeter fencing on three sides of the property.

Multiplier/Pope Creek Weed Project (PCWP), $8,000

The Pope Creek Weed Project is a wildlife habitat restoration project under Multiplier, a nonprofit fiscal sponsor with a mission to accelerate impact for initiatives focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable resilient and equitable world. The Project addresses the invasive species that are displacing native riparian vegetation upon which local wildlife depends for food, shelter and nesting, and includes preparation and implementation of a restoration plan for the area with native vegetation. The Project aims to remove invasive species, such as tamarisk and Himalayan blackberry, which form dense thickets of vegetation that can block access to the water and reduces the function of a wildlife corridor, over an approximate 2.7 mile project area. 

Napa County Resource Conservation District, $6,844

Napa Youth Stewardship Counsil (NYSC) was launched in 2015 by Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) in partnership with Friends Of the Napa River (FONR) and funded by a seed grant from the Wildlife Conservation Commission.  This year’s WCC grant helped the NYSC accomplish the following objectives:

  • Facilitate Napa Youth Stewardship Council, an extracurricular environmental stewardship leadership club for up to 16 Napa County high school youth during school year 2020-2021.
  • Improve wildlife habitat and watershed function in Napa County through conducting stewardship projects with NYSC members such as tree planting, trash clean-ups, riparian restoration, or other activities as deemed appropriate by technical staff.
  • Increase student awareness of Napa County’s watersheds, including open space lands, agriculture, and urban ecology.