Updated May 2023

Charles Burton (Commission Member representing Public at Large since 2020) was elected to serve as Chair, with Michael Sipiora (Commission Member representing Public at Large since 2020) as Vice-Chair. We appreciate their service, and are grateful for the past service of Greg Matsumoto (Commission Member representing Public at Large since 2018) and Ina Pisani (Commission Member representing Wildlife/Conservation since 2013) as past Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively.

The Wildlife Conservation Commission welcomes Megan Dameron (representing the Napa County Planning Commission) as new Commission Member following her appointment to the WCC by the Planning Commission in April. The WCC expresses gratitude to David Whitmer for his service as WCC Commissioner representing the Planning Commission since 2019.

Recent WCC events included a visit to the Rotary Screw Trap in the Napa River, operated by Napa County Resource Conservation Division, and to Napa River Ecological Preserve at Yountville Cross Road where they discussed the County Agricultural Commission investigation into the rodent bait traps.

The Napa County Wildlife Conservation Commission announces the availability of grant funding, and on June 15, 2023, will begin accepting grant proposal applications for the 2023-2024 Grant Cycle. The grants are intended to support the preservation, propagation, and protection of fish and wildlife in Napa County. The funding for these grants is provided in part by California Department of Fish and Wildlife fines, local fines and settlements, and the Napa County General Fund. Grant proposal applications are due no later than July 14, 2023. Learn more