Greg Matsumoto and Liesl Wolf are our newest commission members!  Greg joined us as a Member at Large in January, and Liesl joined as our Youth Representative in March. Welcome Greg and Liesl!

Terry Scott is our new Commission Chair, elected in January 2018.  Thank you to Alex Pader for serving as our most recent  Chair.  Alex remains as our Sportsman/Angler Commission Member.

Recent WCC events include a field trip to the Missimer Snell Valley Preserve, in northern Napa County, and Napa County Earth Day. The WCC has funded restoration at the Missimer Preserve for several years, and on April 9, the Napa Land Trust led Commission members on a tour of the beautiful wildflowers newly populating the serpentine meadows.  On April 22, WCC staff hosted the WCC Booth at the Napa Earth Day festival at the Oxbow.  Northern Napa County California Department of Fish and Wildlife Game Warden Mark White joined us to educate people about CDFW enforcement and the WCC.  It was a great day!