Close Pegase Winery Very Minor Mod

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Vintage Wine Estates filed a Very Minor Modification request to modify the Clos Pegase Winery Use Permit #U-698384 and
Use Permit Modification #U-458687 to:
1) Allow on-premises consumption of wine produced on-site and purchased from the winery in accordance with
Business and Professions Code Sections 23358, 23390 and 23396.5, and the PBES Director’s July 17, 2008 memo,
“Assembly Bill 2004 (Evans) & the Sale of Wine for Consumption On-Premises”, to occur solely in the existing tasting
room, the existing cave, and the outdoor areas as depicted on the submitted site plan entitled “Outdoor On-Premise
Consumption AB 2004 Areas”; and,

2) Recognize the Pre-Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) Winery’s existing Marketing Plan outlined as follows: a) five
(5) events per year with up to 300 attendees; b) three (3) events per year with up to 80 attendees; c) six (6) events per
month with up to 40 attendees; d) two (2) events per month with up to 20 attendees; e) the events shall adhere to the
definition of ‘marketing of wine’ under Napa County Code §18.08.270; f) the events may include full meal service
utilizing Clos Pegase’s permitted commercial kitchen and/or licensed caterers; and, g) outdoor events shall conclude
by 9:00 PM and all other indoor events shall cease at 10:00 PM, with quiet clean up extending up to an hour after the

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