Sinegal Estate Winery VMM

Project Description

This application proposes a modification to use permit Pl3-00261 approved in 2014 which allowed the construction of 13,200 square foot of caves, an enlargement of the existing 4,400 square foot winery to 4,780 square foot of production area, 1,536 square foot of accessory space, and a 710 square foot covered work area. The total authorized square footage is 20,225 square foot. The additions and improvements to the winery building have been completed, including 6,000 square foot of the 13,200 square foot of approved caves. Thus, 7,200 square foot of the approved caves have yet to be completed.

This application proposes to exchange 5, 710 square foot of the remaining unconstructed cave area for a new free standing 5,710 square foot production building. This building will be located in an area currently occupied by a tennis court on the opposite side of the stream bisecting the property. The new production building will include 5,100 square foot of barrel storage, and 610 square foot of mechanical equipment, lab/break kitchen and a small office and restroom for the exclusive use of winery employees. No visitation or wine tasting is proposed in the new building. In addition to the 5,710 square foot of conditioned space, there will also be a 540 square foot fenced/screened outdoor yard for additional mechanical equipment and trash storage. The building will be earth-toned to blend in with existing development and vegetation on the property.

Project Information

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    Winery (very minor mod)
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    2125 Inglewood Avenue, St. Helena, CA

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