Report Welfare Fraud

Illegal benefit claims hurt the integrity of our County programs and the clients who are truly eligible and in need of help to meet basic needs for their families, while costing taxpayers money.  To protect benefit programs from false claims, community members can report their concerns. Reports are confidential.

  • For CalFresh, CalWORKs, and General Assistance Fraud, call (707) 251-1099
  • For Medi-Cal or In-Home Supportive Services Fraud, call (800) 822-6222

Investigations are done by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The SIU also receives fraud reports from automated detection systems, benefit eligibility staff and other agencies.

What is Welfare Fraud?

Welfare fraud is against the law and can be prosecuted in court. If convicted, someone may go to jail, have to pay fines or be disqualified from receiving future benefits.  

Report your concerns when someone: 

  • Applies for benefits with false information, knowing they are not eligible
  • Fails to report income to the Self Sufficiency Services Department
  • Fails to report that the parent of their child living in house with them 
  • Reports that a child is living with them when the child is not
  • Sells his/her benefit amount or service to another person

Learn more about types of welfare fraud on this California Department of Health Care Services page.