Out-of-Hospital Births

All births must be registered within 21 days of birth. If the birth did not occur in a hospital, we can help register the birth. If the birth occurred more than 12 months ago, you must file with the State of California. Out-of-hospital births under 12 months old can be registered at our office by appointment only.

Please call us at 707-253-4506 to schedule an appointment.

The presence of the mother, child, and a witness is required to register. The witness can be anyone who was present at the birth, such as midwife, father, or friends.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please gather the following information prior to the appointment

  • California State ID or Driver’s License for parents (or passport)
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy from the physician or midwife (must be on letterhead)
  • Proof of residency in Napa County such as a utility bill that covers the time of the birth
  • If the child was taken to a neighboring hospital after birth, bring notification of birth letter from the medical records department
  • Newborn Screening Test (PKU) results
  • Marriage License (if parents married)
  • Declaration of Paternity and Acknowledgment of Paternity (if parents are not married. These forms are available in our office)
  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership (if established)
  • Work Packet and Affidavit for Out-Of-Hospital Births (PDF) (Do not sign this form prior to the appointment. It must be signed in front of a clerk)
  • Notification of Registration of Birth which occurred out of a licensed health facility NBS-OH completed
  • Birth Certificate Application Form filled out, but not signed


Certified Birth Certificates $32

The Office of Vital Statistics is mandated to issue a birth record without fee to an eligible homeless person. Eligible persons must present an affidavit signed by an agent for a homeless services provider to receive a fee-exempt copy.

Methods of Payment

  • Check or Money Order (Payment made to “County of Napa")
  • Credit or Debit Card (there is a fee of $2.50 for this service)