Wooden Valley Road Guardrail Repair

RDS 17-21A

2017 Napa Fire Complex DAF #PMP-NAPCO-001-0

Federal Aid Project Number:  EO ER 18-2-38H0(001)


Project Scope

This project is located on Wooden Valley Road, intermittently along approximately 3.5 miles of right of way alignment in Napa County adjacent to the Solano County border.  The Project shall include but not be limited to all labor and materials for the following safety enhancement components for Napa County: guardrails delineators, installation of new posts for guardrail, and replacing existing and providing new guardrail beams.


The Contractor shall possess a Class A, C-13, or C-32 license at the time of contract award.  The Engineer estimate is $433,695.  The sub-contractor lists have been posted.  The project was awarded by the Board of Supervisors on August 28, 2018 to Midstate Barrier, Inc. of Stockton, CA.


Contractor Location Total Base Bid
Midstate Barrier Stockton, CA $190,730
Dirt & Aggregate Fairview, OR $231,900
Coral Construction Sherwood, COR $253,952
Frank Medina Oroville, CA $549,570