Steps to Become a Resource Parent

Families who wish to foster children not related to them and relative/kin caregivers must go through a state regulated licensing process administered by Napa CWS and regulated by California Code of Regulations and the California Health and Safety Codes. View a Resource Family Approval Tool Kit.

You Can Be A Resource Foster Parent If You Are

  • Single or married
  • Stay-at-home parent(s)
  • Working parent(s) with appropriate child care
  • Healthy and energetic
  • Apartment / Condominium owner or renter
  • Homeowner or renter with adequate room

The Process to Becoming a Resource Parent Includes

  • Attending orientation
  • Completing licensing application
  • Completing first aid and CPR certifications
  • Meeting home licensing certification requirements
  • Completing household fingerprinting
  • Passing child abuse and criminal background screening
  • Meeting health requirements
  • Meeting financial requirements
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Record
  • Completing pre-placement training (18 hours)
  • Psycho-social assessment
  • Permanency assessment
  • Meeting annual home license re-certification requirements

More Information

If you are interested in, or you know anyone who is interested in, finding out more about becoming a resource family, please contact the Resource Family Approval (RFA) unit at 707-253-4761.