Verify Caregiver Registration

If you have the caregiver's Personnel ID# (PER ID#):

  • Click here to go to the state's Home Care Aide Registry search page.
  • Enter the caregiver's first name, last name and PER ID#.
  • Click "search".
  • Check the "Status" column to determine if your caregiver has registered and been cleared (passed the DOJ and FBI background check) to provide care.  Below is an explanation of each "Status" type:
    • Registered = caregiver is registered and cleared to provide care
    • Registered* = caregiver is registered with an exemption issued by CDSS and is cleared to provide care
    • Pending = a registration has been received and is in process but the caregiver has not yet been cleared
    • Closed = caregiver failed to submit all required information and is NOT cleared
    • Denied = for reasons set forth in the Health & Safety Code the caregiver is NOT cleared
    • Forfeited = caregiver is NOT cleared
    • Revoked = caregiver is NOT cleared

If you do NOT have the caregiver's PER ID#: