Primary Management and Compliance Documents

Stakeholder/Public Review and Comment Process

Napa County (County) and Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG) are in the process of developing Primary Management and Compliance Documents (PMCDs) for Napa County Airport (Airport). The PMCDs are comprised of Rules and Regulations, General Aviation Minimum Standards, General Aviation Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy, and Development Standards.

PMCDs are a compendium of rules, regulations, policies, and standards that govern the operation, management, and development of an airport. In combination, these PMCDs are designed to: (1) contribute to the long-term financial health of an airport, (2) facilitate (foster) the orderly development of an airport, (3) encourage the provision of quality products, services, and facilities at an airport, (4) protect the health, safety, interest, and general welfare of the public, and (5) reduce the potential for conflict with tenants, consumers, and users.

As part of the overall process, Airport Management has requested and received feedback from airport tenants, stakeholders, and interested parties on the four policies.  This course has produced the four draft policies below which are subject to further minor revisions prior to being recommended for adoption by the Board of Supervisors on February 12, 2019.

Rules and Regulations

Minimum Standards

General Aviation Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy

Development Standards