Runway 18R-36L
Rehabilitation Phase 1 of 6

Phase 1 Construction Packet (PDF)


The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin on September 4, 2018, and anticipated to be complete on October 4, 2018 or earlier. This phase will result in the full closure (24hrs/7days a week) of Runway 18R-36L during this time frame.

Work Areas

This phase includes the following work areas:

  • Runway 18R-36L North of Taxiway H
  • Runway 18L-36R

Construction Activities

During this phase, Ghilotti Construction Company (GCC) will be performing the following items of work:

  • Install new underdrain along the shoulders of Runway 18R-36L
  • Repair existing buckled concrete slabs on Runway 18R-36L
  • Cold mill existing asphalt pavement on Runway 18L-36R
  • Pave Asphalt Overlay Over Milled Surface on Runway 18L-36R
  • Apply Pavement Markings on Runway 19L-1R (formerly 18L-36L)
  • Replace Airfield Guidance Signs Along Runway 19L-1R (formerly 18L-36R)

Operational Impact

  • Runway 6-24 will remain open, as well as Taxiways H, C, J, B, and Taxiway A south of Taxiway E.
  • Runway 18R-36L will be closed for up to 30 calendar days, as well as Taxiway K, and Taxiways E and F west of Runway 18L-36R.
  • MALS, Glideslope, Localizer, and PAPI will be turned on for the duration of the phase.
  • Runway 18L-36R will be closed for 18 consecutive days within Phase 1, as well as Taxiways D, E, F, and Taxiway A north of Taxiway E.
  • Runway 18L-36R designation will change to 19L-1R at the completion of the work. Markings and signage will be updated to reflect this.
Temporary Airfield Configuration - Phase 1 of 6