Terminal Area Redevelopment- Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the multi-phase Airport redevelopment project, Napa Airport will realign and deconflict several areas of utilities and airport owned infrastructure to make way for two major private developments. This is the start of what will be a complete transformation of landside operations at Napa County Airport.

First, we will conduct hazmat remediation and demolish the existing 1950’s era Terminal building. The bulldozer is expected by end of January 2024, if not sooner!

Following the demolition, a new portion of sewer main will run along Airport Rd East, connecting to an existing man hole outside of 2000 Airport Rd facility and realigning Gate 4 further South to be outside of leased areas. This work will have some traffic detours and flagging necessary as we trench across Airport Rd in three locations.

Finally, airfield electrical switchgear, realign some airfield conduit, Air Traffic Control computer system for lighting, and a new airport Beacon will be relocated within the 2000 Airport Rd facility.

Construction completion for Phase 1 is expected April 2024.

Taxiway K Reconstruction

Taxiway Kilo/Alpha Reconstruction design is nearly complete! Napa is on track to open for Construction bids in February, with the final application to the FAA by April 2024. Construction is planned for Summer/Fall 2024 with final completion most likely in early 2025. Regular email updates to our tenants and Website updates for are transient operators will start during construction. We are excited to have the opportunity to enhance more of our pavement with assistance from the FAA's Airport Improvement Program.

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FBO Redevelopment Projects

The two private fixed based operators (FBO's) redevelopment projects will be completed in 2025. 

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