AT&T Pope Valley Telecommunication Facility

Project Description

Request for to construct a 109 ft. tall “monopine” cellular communications tower on a 41.18 acre property located at 7227 Pope Valley Road.  The cellular tower is located on the western side of the parcel approximately 915 ft. from Pope Valley Road, and approximately 1,350 ft. from Aetna Springs Road.  It will be accessed from the existing main driveway into the property off of Pope Valley Road, and includes placement of an approximately 64 sq. ft. equipment building and 24 hour emergency power generator.

Project Information

  • Application
  • Project Class

  • Parcel

  • Address
    7227 Pope Valley Road

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Contact Information

  • Planner
    John McDowell
  • Email
  • Phone
    (707) 299-1354