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Mission Statement

The Napa County Department of Corrections is dedicated to providing professional correctional services to the citizens of Napa County.

Napa County Jail

The Napa County Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over the Napa County Jail facility. The facility houses both pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates. The Department of Corrections is responsible for the coordination of all programs and services related to the institutional care, treatment and rehabilitation of inmates, including:

  • Classification
  • Diagnosis
  • Intake screening
  • Programs that deal with sentencing alternatives


The Napa County Department of Corrections does not operate under the authority of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office. The Department of Corrections was separated from the Sheriff's Office by the Board of Supervisors in 1975. Unlike an elected Sheriff, the Jail Administrator in Napa County is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Inmate Housing

The Department must meet California guidelines outlined in Title 24 and Title 15. This facility has a maximum capacity of 264 inmates. Napa County Jail houses both male and female inmates. Housing areas include:

  • Administrative Segregation
  • General Population
  • Maximum Security
  • Medical Unit
  • Observation Cells
  • Protective Custody
  • Special Housing
  • Temporary Holding
  • Work Furlough

An outside medical provider provides for the medical, mental health, and dental needs of the inmates. Medical staff is available 24 hours a day. Looking for more information on inmate programs? Send Corrections an email to learn more.

Facility Update

Napa County has completed repairs to the older section of the jail’s inmate housing areas. These areas have been inspected by the Board of State and Community Corrections staff prior to occupancy. As of April 2016, a majority of inmates previously housed at the Solano County Jail have been returned to the Napa County Department of Corrections as the older section of the jail is now able to house inmates. Inmates have access to recreation, telephone, video visitation, canteen and other services. The jail continues to house a small number of inmates at Solano County while the facility undergoes various capital improvement projects that were delayed due to the earthquake.

Phone Conversations

Please note that non-lawyer related, outgoing inmate phones are recorded.