Calistoga Farm Worker Center Reroof and HVAC Replacement Project, PW 19-02R


  • Status: Biddiing
  • Contact: Ginny Leija
  • Publish Date: January 11, 2019

Project Scope

The project site is located at 3996 St. Helena Hwy in Calistoga, CA. Work generally consist of, but is not limited to, all labor and materials for complete removal of roofing materials and replacement of like kind materials in various specified areas of building and removal and replacement to (2) two existing HVAC units.  Contractor is responsible for coordinating crane and HVAC delivery and installation around roofing schedule.


Contractor shall possess a Class B license at the time of contract award.  The Contractor and sub-Contractor shall be registered with the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (Public Works Contractor (PWC) Registration).  The Engineer's estimate is $165,000.