Napa Co. HOJ Electronic Plumbing Upgrades, PW 17-16


  • Status: Bidding
  • Contact: Frank Lucido
  • Publish Date: January 17, 2019

Project Scope

The Napa County Hall of Justice is located at 1125 Third Street, Napa, CA.  The project is for the retrofit of 58 combination toilet and lavatory fixtures by removing and replacing valves with electrical valves and installing low voltage electronic controls.


Each bidder must be licensed as required by law and possess a Class "B" or "C-36" at the time of contract award.  Plan sheets, Technical specifications, and front end specifications have been added.  The Engineer's estimate is $150,000.  The mandatory pre-bid site visit sign in sheet has been posted.

Special Security Procedures are required for bidding this project.