2014 Napa Earthquake Pavement Repairs, RDS 18-14

  • Status: Evaluation/Review
  • Contact: Graham Wadsworth
  • Publish Date: February 7, 2019

Project Scope

This proposed project will repair pavement damage caused by the August 2014 earthquake in Napa County.  Pavement repairs will range from crack sealing to road pulverization to a depth of 10 inches, removal of excess material, compaction of sub-base and base material and apply 4 inches of hot mix asphalt. 

The project will be commenced along the following Napa county roads:

  • Oak Knoll Avenue (2 sites), Mile Post 0.90 to 1.00 and Mile Post 1.80 to 1.82
  • Old Sonoma Road (2 sites), Mile Post 2.40 to 2.75 to 2.80
  • Cuttings Wharf Road, Mile Post 2.31 to 2.33

Contractor shall possess a Class "A" License at the time of contract award.  The Engineers Construction Estimate for this project is $460,000.  It is anticipated that the project will be built in April and May 2019 with lane closures. Addendum 1 has been posted and changes bid opening date and time.  The planholders list has been posted.  The Project is currently under Evaluation/Review. The three lowest sublists have been posted.  The bid tabulation is now available for viewing.


Contractor Location Total Base Bid
O.C. Jones & Sons Berkeley, CA $379,166.00
Granite Construction Santa Rosa, CA $390,818.18
Paving Construction Aviso, CA $394,489.40
Ghilotti Brother Inc. San Rafael, CA $397,075.00
Northwest Paving, Inc. Redding, CA $447,150.00
Northern Pacific Inc. Napa, CA $467,939.00
G.D. Nielson Construction Napa, CA $492,225.00
Alaniz Construction Fremont, CA $509,110.00
Martin Brothers Construction Sacramento, CA $516,682.15
Team Ghilotti Inc. Petaluma, CA $518,695.53
J.A. Gonsalves & Son Napa, CA $590,925.00