Employment / Recruitment

Correctional Officer Hiring Process

After the review of the initial application to ensure the candidate meets the minimum qualifications:

  1. There is a mandatory Corrections Department Information Session. The information Session must be attended in-person. If you are an out-of-state applicant, the information session and written exam dates cannot be combined. You will need to travel to Napa County on at least 3 occasions.
  2. The Correctional Officer written exam is given.
  3. An Oral Panel Interview will be scheduled at a later date for those candidates who pass the written examination.

In order to be placed on the eligibility list for Correctional Officer I/II, you must pass the pre-background check (which will be completed at the Information Session), written examination and the oral panel interview. Candidates will be notified if they meet the minimum qualifications to participate in the written examination, and will be provided detailed information regarding exam scheduling procedures at a later time. A valid picture identification will be required for admittance into the mandatory information orientation and written examination session(s).

Special Qualifications


Candidates must pass a comprehensive background investigation. Napa County Department of Corrections will conduct a thorough investigation of your background. You will be asked to complete a Personal History Statement. You will then meet with a background investigator that will review the contents of your Personal History Statement.

You will also be requested to authorize organizations and individuals to release and verify relevant information about you. The background investigator will contact prior employers, relatives, and references. Information provided during these contacts may result in other individuals being contacted. The investigator will check into your employment history, credit history, driving record, moral character, and other pertinent information. A criminal history check will also be made. A fingerprint check will be conducted with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Department of Justice.

Psychological Evaluation

Candidates must pass a pre-employment psychological examination. A licensed psychologist will meet with you and give a series of written tests. The content of the tests helps to determine the psychological factors related to a successful performance and to determine if you are presently suited for the job of Correctional Officer.


Candidates must pass a polygraph examination. This will measure the accuracy of information given during the background investigation process and is part of the background investigation.

Physical Exam

Individuals being considered for employment will have to pass a pre-employment physical examination which includes a hearing analysis. The medical examination will be conducted by a physician designated by Napa County Human Resources Department and will determine whether you meet the medical standards required for the job class you are applying.


Within one year of being hired, Correctional Officers must complete the mandated 240 hours of Standards and Training for Corrections program requirements. Candidates are required to: successfully pass the course requirements for possession of a valid P.C. 832 Certificate (Arrest and Detention).

Willingness to Work on Call

Candidates must be willing to work on call. 

Additional Information

For more information about County employment, visit the Human Resources page.