Property Tax

Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds

The Napa County Auditor-Controller is holding unclaimed funds in a Property Tax Refund Account that are refundable under Revenue and Taxation Code 5097.2. The individuals listed may be parties of interest with rights to claim portions of the unclaimed funds. All claims must be submitted in writing by completing the affidavit and must contain sufficient information and proof to establish a claimant’s right to any part of the funds.

List of Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds (PDF)

Claim Form to Receive Your Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds (PDF)

Please file claims with the Napa County Auditor-Controller’s Office:

Property Tax Division
1195 Third Street
Suite B-10
Napa, CA 94559

For questions, contact the Property Tax Division at 707-253-4577 or 707-253-4587.

Special Assessment Contact List

The link below includes helpful information about assessments and special districts on your tax bill, including agency and contact information.

Contact information associated with special assessments on your property tax bill (PDF).

AB8 Apportionment Factors

AB8 Current Secured-Unsecured Apportionment Factors

AB8 Fund Increment Factors by Tax Rate Area Before ERAF


If you are unable to find what you are looking for here, please contact the Auditor-Controller's Office at 707-253-4551.