Trust Vineyard ECP

Project Description

Agricultural Erosion Control Plan (ECPA) to convert approximately 14-acres (11.2 net planted acres) of grassland, coast live oak woodland, chamise chaparral, and ruderal land to vineyard, located on a 42.9-acre parcel (APN 027-490-006) located approximately 0.25 miles southeast of the terminus of Dwyer Road.

Project Information

  • Application: P19-00194
  • Project Class: Vineyard
  • Parcel: 027-490-006
  • Address
    No address - near Dwyer Road, approx. 1.5 mi NW of Yountville

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Contact Information

  • Planner
    Don Barrella, Planner III

  • Email
  • Phone
    (707) 299-1338

Project Documents