Signorello Estate Winery Major Mod

Project Description

Major Modification to increase wine production from 20,000 gal/yr to 50,000 gal/yr; convert 3,155 s.f. on the ground floor of an existing building to hospitality uses (2nd floor is residential, portion of ground floor includes a garage and residential storage, see B18-01473); construct a 13,312 s.f. cave with production and hospitality uses; increase tours/tasting from 20/day to 60/day (max.) with 350/week; revise marketing plan; provide 19 parking spaces; increase employees from 4 FT to 16 FT and 4 PT; expand wastewater treatment system; add water storage tanks; and, other site improvements (see P18-00359 for approved but not constructed winery building and associated improvements.)

There was a recent previous Minor Modification (P18-00359) to construct a new 7,817 s.f. winery building with a 1,440 s.f.  covered crush pad and ten parking spaces to replace winery facilities that were lost in the 2017 fire.

Project Information

  • Application: P19-00198
  • Project Class: winery
  • Parcel: 039-400-080
  • Address: 4502 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558

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Contact Information

  • Planner
    Sean Trippi
  • Email
  • Phone
    (707) 299-1353