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Beekeepers can register their hives electronically through Bee Where (or by filling out a PDF Form and submitting it to our office) and pay the $10 registration fee (if you are a commercial beekeeper and your “home county” is Napa.) 

Bee Where is a collaborative initiative to bring beekeepers and pesticide applicators together to share best practices by tracking and safeguarding hive locations across the state using innovative mapping tools.



Q: Do I have to register my apiary\hive\nuc? 

A: Yes, it is state law that every beekeeper register their hives each year starting January 1st

Q: Are my hive locations subject to public information requests?

A: No, the new law prohibits their locations from being disclosed.

Q: Do I have to pay the $10 fee to register my hive locations?

A: Hobbyist beekeepers (with less than 10 hives) will not pay a fee. Commercial beekeepers (pollination services and commercial sales) will pay a fee.

Q: As a grower, do I have to check if there are colonies near my site?

A: Yes, it’s the law (Title 3 California Code of Regulation section 6654(a)

Q: How do I register?

A: Register via Bee Where.

On January 1st each year, beekeepers operating in California are required to register their hives in the county where they are kept, and renew the registration annually  (FAC 29040). To read more click here.

You can find the complete listing of Food and Ag Code sections at Bee Management and Honey Production.

Regulations regarding the protection of bees can be found in the California Code of Regulations, Protection of Bees

For additional information or questions, please contact your local Ag Commissioner’s Office.  If you’re keeping bees in Napa County, please contact the Napa County Ag Commissioner at (707) 253-4357 or [email protected]