Zinfandel Subdivision Double Chip Seal & Microsurfacing, RDS 18-19


  • Status: Bidding
  • Contact: Frank Lucido
  • Publish Date: July 11, 2019

Project Scope

A portion of this project will be within the Stice Subdivision.  Located in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Zinfandel Lane and Highway 29.  The following streets makeup the Stice Subdivision: Stice Lane, Walnut Avenue, Zygmunt Drive, Bello Avenue, Vineland Avenue, Garden Avenue, Mountain View Avenue and Victoria Lane.

The Contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment, materials, supplies, environmental protection, no parks, raised markers, striping, signage, traffic control, secondary sweeping, and other incidentals necessary to provide a double application of polymerized emulsified asphalt, cover coat aggregate and a microsurface cape seal to an existing roadway surface.


The project is currently bidding.  The Engineer's estimate is $345,000.  The contractor shall possess a Class "A" or "C-12" license at the time of contract award.  Documents available for viewing.