OVOK Group B Revegetation Project, PW 19-21

PW 19-21


Status:  Bidding
Contact: Andrew Butler
Publish Date: 08-21-2019

Project Scope

The project is located on the East and West banks of the Napa River in a stretch located between Yountville Cross Road and Oakville Cross Road.  The revegetation work will be conducted on areas that have finished major grading and reconstruction under a separate contract during the 2019 work season.  This project will include, but is not limited to installation of temporary irrigation systems, planting of plugs, shrubs, and trees, seeding, management of invasive plant species, and site establishment and maintenance for a 3-year period after initial planting is completed. 


The Engineer’s estimate for construction is $700,208.  Each bidder must be licensed as required by law.  A Class "A" or "C27" is required for this project.  The specifications and appendices are now available for viewing.